If you’re reading this, then either you or someone you know has ADD or ADHD. I’m a life and business coach who specializes in working with people who (like myself) have this unique brain type. I work with clients to help them to develop strategies to manage their ADHD symptoms and work towards achieving their full potential and living their best life.
Looking for answers? If you’d like to know...
  • What ADHD coaching is
  • How it works
  • Who may benefit from it
  • What impact ADHD coaching has had on others
Then click on the panel on the right to download my information leaflet on ADHD Coaching.  Alternatively, you can email me on the contact form or text me at +353 (0) 86 384 5120 to request a copy in the post or to organise a time to talk to me to discuss how coaching might work for you or someone you know. I look forward to talking to you!