As an adult in my 30's, I was diagnosed with having ADHD. Suddenly my life made sense. However, there were many aspects of my life falling apart which lead me to come across Heather.

Heather helped me with organisation, at home and at work, (I am a secondary teacher and was finding my job overwhelming), she helped me with decision making, memory tricks, anxiety, emotional regulation and showed me how I could use boundaries and better decision making to create an easier life and one with less overwhelm.

Before I worked with Heather, I was always penniless as my impulsivity prevented me from saving money. I also was suffering from chronic disorganisation. I am happy to say that for the first time in my life I am now saving money and am proud to call myself organised. Heather is kind, empathetic and such a beautiful person that I can't imagine finding a better person to have as a coach and help to enrich your life. I would recommend Heather 100per cent. The only thing I will say is that once you start working with Heather, you will find it hard to stop even when its time to say goodbye. She has changed my life.

"I received top grade and excellent final evaluation last semester. Working with Heather is helping me to change my thinking and my habits bit by bit. And those changes are paying off."

PhD student with Adult ADHD

"A year after receiving my ADHD diagnosis at 23, I had my first session with Heather. I desperately wanted to change the direction in which my life was headed although I could see no way forward having unknowingly suffered with ADHD all my life, and having not gotten enough Leaving Cert points to attend third level. I had little hope for my future.

It was incredibly difficult to start - words such as 'study' and 'routine' terrified me, but Heather and I got to work on finding out what I wanted to do and how to go about achieving it. We built momentum as I researched and applied to different colleges as a mature student, all the while working on overcoming the obstacles that had previously plagued my life in school and as a working adult. Starting an access course in UCD in September was another difficult change, but Heather was with me every step of the way as I settled into this new, scary college life.

As I write this nearly a year on from that first meeting with Heather, I am now preparing to sit the HPAT in 3 weeks as part of my application to undergraduate Medicine. I am also achieving the 'A' grades required by my course to qualify, and completing assignments way before their deadlines. In comparison, a year ago I was completely paralysed at the thoughts of completing simple tasks such as ringing mature student offices, or starting an online study skills course.

To those of us with ADHD, the organisational, study, and coping skills needed to succeed in academia or business can appear quite unattainable. I certainly thought so, but with Heather's guidance I developed these crucial skills and have become a better student than I could have ever dreamed of. It is a slow, painful process to overcome the obstacles that come with ADHD, but as you gain more and more momentum and stay working closely with Heather you will conquer them and even learn to use your ADHD to work in your favour. She is extremely supportive, patient, firm, and she is non-judgmental and versatile in her approach. I am so thankful for having worked with her."

Seán Henebry, 25

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult by a Psychiatrist in the US. I received drug treatment there, and when I moved countries, that level of support just wasn’t available to me. I continued to struggle with focus, which drove me to a very unhappy place and my self-confidence was really badly impacted. This snowballed to an incredibly damaging level, which ultimately precipitated a professional burnout and total breakdown.

Working with a psychiatrist, I slowly built myself back up, but it was never the same. When I started working with Heather, her compassion and empathy for me and my situation really enabled me to lift my head above the cloud of fear and anxiety that was colouring everything I did. Our coaching process has been exceptional both as an experience, and in terms of the the speed with which it delivered results for me. In conjunction with appointments with a specialist psychiatrist with whom Heather has a referral relationship, my confidence levels have soared.

My quality of life has improved immensely and, for the first time, I feel genuinely ambitious about my future. I can’t either thank Heather and her team enough, or recommend them more highly.

Adult with ADHD

Fintan Coady Testimonial

 Fintan Coady Testimonial

At a very challenging time in my career, I had the good fortune to read of Heather’s work in an Irish Times article.

My direct experience of that work matched and exceeded my expectations. Heather has a coaching approach which is warm and empathetic while also being highly professional, focused and effective.

Through a series of direct meetings and follow-up telephone sessions, I made significant progress in enhancing key personal and management skills.

I can heartily recommend Heather as a life or work coach and I am delighted to now have the opportunity of her expertise as an on-going professional resource when required.
ME, Adult ADHD Client

Having been diagnosed with Adult ADHD in 2011, I have found it extremely hard to gain consistent routines at work and within my personal life. Having struggled with this for some time I
eventually sought the help of Heather through the Dean clinic.

I have found Heathers help to be crucial to my development, from organizing my daily routine to outlining my goals for work.

Using an ADHD coach has been the most positive thing that I have done towards dealing with my ADHD.
EM, Entrepreneur with ADHD

Heather is a careful listener and asks insightful questions. At my request, we dealt for a significant amount of time with assertiveness. I saw an almost instant difference and was soon
keenly aware of the situations in which I could apply the lessons learned with Heather and felt confident in doing so.

I was impressed by how knowledgeable Heather was on ADHD and this enhanced my experience greatly. She was happy to refer me to literature, highlighting relevant chapters and her
knowledge of services and resources was encouraging. I had the feeling at all times that I was understood where others would have judged.

Ultimately, working with Heather helped me to recognise, assess and embrace my ADHD as an asset.
To those who are willing to work with her, I would highly recommend ADHD Coaching.
KC, Postgraduate Student with ADHD

When I first went for coaching I knew that I could not go on with the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed in my personal and professional life. At the time I was falling behind in my admin at work, my relationships with family/friends/colleagues were all hanging by a thread, and I was struggling in every sense of the word. I couldn’t see any positives in myself, and envied my friends’ and colleagues’ ability to cope with life.

In our coaching sessions Heather enabled me to examine my life in a more positive manner, to focus on my successes and to build on what is working and to put some strategies in place for what was not working. After coming through the coaching process I have a much more positive view of my life. My life is still the same as when I began coaching. I still balance a full-time job with being a part-time carer, work life is still hectic, and the pressure of juggling work/life/family/friends remains the same.

However now I am in control of my life and I am balancing all of these things with me firmly in the driving seat. The coaching process for me has certainly been the most positive piece of work that I have undertaken on myself. I will always be grateful to Heather for her help and support.
P.J. Adult ADHD Client

When I first started working with Heather, I was overwhelmed with managing my family of five; I was underachieving professionally and was not taking great care of myself physically. Heather is results oriented and has given me actual tools to effect real change in my life. As I now start to achieve goals in my life that had long been ignored, Heather often reminds me to acknowledge my success before tackling the next challenge. This has taught me to focus on my success and has given me energy to continue to move forward.

Heather saw that I needed an organizational system that would allow me to track the many different aspects of my life that required attention. By observing my thinking style and by asking probing questions, she helped me to determine what system was likely to work for me. She introduced me to a system that has allowed me to juggle and organize my never-ending to-do list without being overwhelmed, and we no longer miss appointments or events.

Professionally, Heather has helped me to remember what makes me passionate in my work, and we are now exploring new career opportunities. I am feeling reinvigorated by focusing with her on my past successes and my professional strengths. Since working with her, for the first time, I am able to say to myself, “one step at a time” and actually focus on each step until it has been successfully completed. At long last I can finally see progress and I know that I will make more in the future.
M.R. Adult ADHD Client

When I first saw Heather, many aspects of my life were out of balance. I was stressed at work - being pushed out of my role, my relationship was strained and I was finding it hard to make sense why.

How have I benefited from coaching?   Right now things are much better.  I like my new job and I am coping well with the demands. My life balance is sane and my relationship has been strengthened. My wife said I am the most relaxed she has seen me in the 10 years we have been together.

Through Heather’s help I started to understand who I was more and now I am more accepting of myself. I clarified my goals and values which was key to me choosing how I wanted to be in the world and what really was my priority.  Heather also gave me some tools that have helped me organize my work.

What aspect of the coaching process did I find most useful?  I think the insights you get into yourself and others.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Heather, you can tell immediately she cares about what she does. She is insightful and she gives you 100%. She thinks about things that can help you after the session and often follows up later. With her encyclopedic knowledge she always has just the right video, website or research paper to point you in the right direction.

M.O.  Adult ADHD Client

Heather is an exceptional ADD/ADHD coach. She has a wonderful understanding of the difficulties associated with having this disorder. She has a vast knowledge of how the disorder can affect people in various different ways. She has clearly done a lot of research on how to deal with and handle the disorder.

Being coached by Heather has brought very beneficial results for me personally. I would highly recommend Heather as an ADD/ADHD coach. Her personable and professional manner and her obvious knowledge were what impressed me the most.

Testimonial posted on Heather’s LinkedIn page by Laura Clinton

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I set about getting out of the hole that had developed in my career as well as in my personal life.

I met Heather at a HADD lecture in Dublin, in 2014. It was the first time I'd heard of an ADHD Coach. My regular coaching sessions with Heather have led to substantial improvements in work productivity. She has been a great asset in helping me develop structures and methodologies to identify, control & avoid what once were serious impediments including overwhelm, procrastination, and loss of motivation.

I can be very open with Heather about my problems. She is highly supportive as well as being non-judgemental. I find that Skype is well suited to the regular coaching sessions.

AW, an engineer with ADHD 

"My coaching journey began with Heather asking me "what would you like to achieve from our sessions?" I did not know how to answer this but I knew that I could not go on with this constant feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed in my personal and professional life. I mumbled an answer about wanting a better work/life balance.

At this time I was falling behind in my admin in work, my relationships with family/friends/colleagues were all hanging by a thread, and I was struggling in every sense of the word. I couldn't see any positives in myself, and envied my friend's and colleague's ability to cope with life. In our coaching sessions Heather enabled me to examine my life in a more positive manner, to focus on my successes and to build on what is working and to put some strategies in place for what was not working. The first thing I discovered was that, I have a really good life, I was just bad at putting boundaries in place that protect my good life.

Through the sessions Heather, helped me to look closely at my values and boundaries, and to put "Me", at the centre of my life. Through the coaching process I slowly built up a set of policies and procedures for me. Having a policy on how to handle being asked to work late, or take on extra duties, or even saying "no" at times to friends and family, allowed me to slowly take control of my life for me.

After coming through the coaching process I have a much more positive view of my life. My life is still the same as when I began coaching. I still balance a full-time job with being a part-time carer, work life is still hectic, the pressure of juggling work/life/family/friends remains the same. However now I am in control of my life and I am balancing all of these things with me firmly in the driving seat.

Heather coached me through a very difficult time in my life but while she was there through 1:1 sessions, by phone or email, I did most of the work between the sessions, under Heather's guidance. It is important to emphasise that the coaching process is not a passive process, you need to put the work in between the sessions.

There is a lot of reflecting on your life in between the sessions, but this is good as in my case it turned my previously critical ADHD inner voice, into a much more positive inner voice. The coaching process for me has certainly been one of, if not the most positive pieces of work that I have undertaken on myself, with the wonderful coaching of Heather. I will always be grateful to Heather for her help and support."

P. Jones

"Having been diagnosed with ADHD in my late thirties and having achieved relative success in my career up to that point, I was very interested to learn how to potentially leverage the upside of ADHD while also mitigating the challenges it presents.

From the moment I met Heather, I knew I'd made the right decision. Heather is an empathetic, down to earth, action oriented, highly knowledgeable and passionate coach.

Heather's straightforward and practical approach provided me with a framework to manage my ADHD. I've no doubt that the tools, techniques and recommendations Heather provided have enabled me to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.”

Director, Irish Corporate

After receiving an official diagnosis in 2015 at the age of 28 Heather Blackmore had come recommended by the psychiatrist I was attending and we began working together in Jan 2016.

While I was relieved about having an explanation for all the weird aspects of my make-up and a new understanding about the struggles I had been having, it was an extremely emotional and overwhelming process. My entire educational experience had been an anxious and challenging one and I had spent my twenties struggling with my mental health.

I travelled to Tipperary for my first appointment with Heather and remember the day so clearly. After meeting with many Doctors, Counsellors and Psychologists over the years, I knew immediately that I liked this one and that I wanted to work with her.

Working with someone who had personally struggled with ADHD made all the difference as I knew that she would understand me. She just got it.

I have worked with Heather on and off over the last few years, we have had regular scheduled appointments for weeks at a time and for when I was not coping all that well, Heather always made time to get me back on track. At a very dark point in my life, Heather acted out of concern for my wellbeing by reigniting a link with a service that I badly needed.

There has been so much learning for me which has impacted my life in a holistic way, not just in relation to my ADHD qualities. I have gained insight into how my brain works and why it is different from everyone else’s. I developed new coping skills and tactics to manage every type of situation you could imagine and I discovered the benefits of having ADHD and how to use them to my advantage.

I was always given the space and the time to work through any issues that were arising for me, so that I could say I did the work myself. Heather has great skill in facilitating the sessions in such a way that even when you didn’t want to do the work, you ended up doing it anyway.

Heather has been a massive support to me and has played a vital role in my progress of managing my extra special attributes. She is kind, patient, understanding, fair and firm and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject that she willingly shares even in between the sessions. The amount of research and preparation that takes place before each session is phenomenal and shows just how dedicated Heather is to her clients.

Working with Heather has made a tremendous impact on my life thus changing my outlook, increasing pleasant experiences, managing difficult ones efficiently and in turn bringing on more positive outcomes. I am a different person now and I live a different life. A happy and a fulfilled one at that. The achievements of our coaching relationship spanning over 3 years made light work of the hardship of the previous 28. And in the lifelong scheme of things, I believe that the work I have done with Heather has greatly influenced the fact that I am still here.

Heather taught me how to accept my ADHD but most importantly she taught me how to love my ADHD.

While there will only ever be one Heather, I wish that there was enough of her to go around so that those who continue to struggle and those who cannot avail of services can have the same life changing experience that I did. Everyone has the right to their own well-being, to live their best life.

There are hundreds just like me, and I am one of the lucky ones.

Upon reflection, I am saddened and angered when thinking about the past experiences I have had and the time I have lost, my signs and symptoms were present in every school report written for me, and I wonder if I had received my diagnosis at an early age how different would my life had been.

However, I would not be the person I am today had I not been faced with the above challenges.

My diagnosis and coaching journey with Heather has enabled me to return to education and change my career. It has inspired me to want to work with people who walk a similar path to me. I look forward to all the possibilities that lie ahead of me.

Claire Twomey